Tor Skalane Treasures

The Bugbears’ Spoils

*Sack of witch’s salt (300g ritual components for Arcane/Religion rituals)

The Ghoul Pit

*Suit of Brelindian masterplate (500g)
*Decorative silver & amethyst brooch (100g)
*Masterwork greatsword
*Thamma-stone torch
*Dwarven suit of chainmail with matching shield
*Gold torc (200g)

The Study

*Magical platter, pitcher and mug
*Pile of books: 15 religious, 6 local history, 3 outland history, 4 poetry, 8 naturalism, 2 philosophy, 3 geography (41 total)

Treasures of the Wraith’s Lair

*Coinage: 61 pp, 235 gp, 1340 sp, 660 cp
*A triptych, Valysan in origin, depicting the overthrow of demons (roughly 1000g value)
*A keyring to the cavern’s doors
*A ruby and silver pendant (1000g)
*A ritual scroll bearing the ritual wizard’s sight
*A shield bearing the emblem of a two-headed panther; one head of the panther has been severed, and a serpent is growing from the stump. The device seems to be fresher paint than matches the old shield.
*A trophy-banner from Mere Lorelay (Siren’s Song Lake) marked with a black pawprint
*A scroll detailing what seems to be an odd roll of arms

Tor Skalane Treasures

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