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Surrounded by rugged mountains on all sides, the nation of Brelindia is a land of grey stone, misty mountaintops and deep forests. Brelindia is mysterious, even sinister in parts; it’s less famous for wars with humanoids than it is for tales of creatures of the night stalking prey. The country is divided into many baronies and principalities, each one offering guarded support to the country’s grand prince.

Despite the predation of the creatures of the deep woods and dark nights, the Brelinds are no mere victims. Brelindian steel is remarkably light and no less strong for it, making it a prized metal throughout Aurach. The Brelinds work their steel into keen-edged greatswords, the weapon of choice of their elite warriors, and into ornate suits of full plate, the prize possession of many of their nobility. The emblem of the Brelindian nation is a white tower encircled by green thorny vines, under a golden crescent moon, on a dark blue field.


Brelindia is an old land, and many events from its history have gone forgotten over the years of isolation. That isolation works in its favor, however, as the country is well protected from neighboring lands, hostile or ambivalent.



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