Grinthorn Plunder

The Beast of Grinthorn had on his person:

- A dwarven-forged throwing axe with a length of magically extending chain. (+3 handaxe, as a free action once per encounter the user can pull a target that was hit up to 5 squares)
- The locket of Arithura
- A small acorn enchanted to grow into a mighty oak in seconds(minor action to use)

His lair in the sacked village included:

- A full-length mirror
- A set of masks (black eagle, mouthless elf, scowling man, white horse, boar, rat, frog, devil with “Zegri” scrawled on inside)
- Several broken masks (skull, hood, helm, youth/celebrant)
- Two shards of quicksilver thunder
- A fey bear’s hide (blood-tred, tiny white flecks)
- A poison drake’s hide and skull
- An indigo cloak of fey weave with a thorned clasp
- Large clay urns of coins (6000 g total)
A coffer of 63 silver arrowheads
- A holy symbol of the Bale-Eye (a green amber eye in a twisted loop)
- An ogre’s skull full of gems (14: 4 10g agates and tiger eyes, 5 50g moonstones, 1 100g chunk of amber, 4 500 g chunks of amber, 2 1000g emeralds)
- A variety of trophy weapons of various interesting and characterful make, none superior to those wielded by the group

Grinthorn Plunder

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