The Roll of Arms

A scroll featuring a variety of heraldic and other symbols, apparently representing a number of entities working for the mysterious patron who supported Klogis the Candle Man and the swordwraith of Tor Skalane. The emblems included:

- A blank shield flanked by two black gryphon supporters. Seemingly related to the arms of the Black Gryphon, a historical hero of Brelindia, former Count of Morsevar.

- A white hood flanked by two white horse’s heads. Likely the “Rider in White”, the purported herald mentioned by Klogis’ master. Responsible for recruiting the Candle Man. Sighted meeting with Abbot Felderose of Fivesaints Abbey. Said to meet with allies by the Giant’s Beacon.

- A heraldic device, depicting a gold lightning bolt splitting a red mountain against a purple sky. The helm atop the shield bears a red plume and a boar’s tusk visor; two boarspears are crossed behind the shield. Identified as the heraldry of Cyr Bastaan the Unbroken, protector of Spurwall.

- The head of a wolf, jaws clenched around a heart that bleeds from the fangs’ wounds. Associated with a vicious band of brigands in Grinthorn Wood.

- The two-headed black panther device of the Madrest clan, with one head severed and a green serpent growing from the stump. The emblem of the traitorous son of Madrest, wraith-lord of Tor Skalane.

- A severed fist, surrounded by broken links of chain.

- A book surrounded by a broken rosary of the Higher Nine faith. Symbolized the mad abbot Felderose of Fivesaints Abbey, or perhaps the tempter-devil sealed in the abbey’s foundation that had corrupted him.

- A coiled serpent with a lion’s tail. A Lamia?

- A glyph resembling an eye, surrounded by a circle of small tongues of flame, resting in a single pan of a balance. The emblem of Judge Kyrophast of Tygarn Gate.

- A blank mask, marked by the elven glyph for silence, laid across an unfurled scroll.

- A red rose wrapped in a spiral flame. Seemingly represents the Chamber of Embers, an exclusive pleasure-cult of Kingsfall, or perhaps its allegedly immortal leader Chandrevan.

- A skull wearing a broad-brimmed hat, surrounded by a triangle formed of six lit candles. Evidently the mark of Klogis the Candle Man.

- A purple and gold spiral resembling a jester’s motley, with an eye at each of the four tips. A Fool.

- A downthrust dagger flanked by six curving sharp emblems, perhaps claws or teeth, above a pale wormlike emblem. An Assassin.

- An executioner’s helm, above two axes. The headsman Hardrave, who wanders the land taking trophies for his lord.

The Roll of Arms

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