Rellinford is a large town on the Norfell, half a day upriver from Tor Skalane.

The Baron Ardroch oversees Rellinford; his immediate family consists of his Guenphyr, a devout follower of the Higher Nine, and his daughter Ardrelle. Captain Gaelvas acts as Ardroch’s right hand.


The Falcon Tavern: Locally known as a “safe” establishment. Its proprietors are Valko and Gap, hardened dwarf-folk who did well in a militia defense against goblin-men.

Inn of the Bull’s Skull: Owned by Gaelcuff, a former militiaman.

Tavern of the West Wind: A moody establishment, run by a pair of amateur occultists, Selmare and Hauch. The proprietors’ pet crow and black cat are mascots of the tavern.

The town features a all-gods shrine, and a small abbey to Evrel.


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