Brelindia is a sheltered vale, with mountains on three sides and forested foothill leading down to plains in the west. The nation has few enemies, in no small part due to its geographically well-defended seclusion.

To the north, on the other side of the lesser mountain ridge known as the Northern Rampart, is the elven land of Tirasel. These people once held the vale that became known as Brelindia, but retreated after civil war broke out in their nation. The strife led them to draw more of their forces home, and they left the vale to the Brelinds. Tirasel was once a widespread empire, but during the Morafir diaspora the elven nation suffered wounds that it has never fully recovered from. Tirasel’s enemies include orcs on the plains and giants coming from the mountains, as well as a few former holdings that have “run wild” when gates to the Overworld malfunctioned or were taken over by outside forces. It’s still a rather majestic land of hills, grand lakes, woodlands and glades, with many ancestral elven fortresses still standing, but its Golden Age passed some time ago.

To the south, on the other side of the Southern Rampart, is a stretch of unsettled moorland called the Serpent Moor. This area is not friendly to human settlement; old ruins of a vanished people have lurkers in them like border goblins, trolls, and degenerate people who have transmuted themselves into serpents. Beyond the Serpent Moor is Serugeth, a nation-state where the Lower Nine are openly seen as patrons to the overlords, and the temples are very much in power. Serugeth is a dangerous place, with the practice of sending “adventurer” warbands called Reavers out regularly to find wealth in the rest of the world and sack it. Serugethi Reavers occasionally find their way into Brelindia, but it’s a dangerous trip across the Serpent Moor and the Southern Rampart; Serugeth would love to annex Brelindia, but the mountain land is just too well-guarded against conquering armies.

To the east are the Wyrm’s Teeth, the massive mountain chain that divides the continent and is parent to both the Northern and Southern Rampart. Deeper into the mountains are the dwarven Cradle Kingdoms, places they claim are the birthplace of their race. The dwarves that once helped the Brelyndy clans settle the area retreated back into the Wyrm’s Teeth after their conflicts with the elves, but a few still remain. Dwarves aren’t the only inhabitants of the high mountains, of course: giants have been known to roam into Brelindia when the mist is thick. The Wyrm’s Teeth boasts the Windtooth Pass, a not well-known (and somewhat dangerous) gap that leads from Brelindia through the mountain range to the nation of Magra, origin of the Brelyndy clans.

To the west the land eventually opens up down to the Ariati Plains, which are contested by a number of cultures. Most common and successful are nomadic human tribes, orcish tribes that build makeshift fortresses and tent cities that surround them, and roving gnoll clans. Naturally, the orcs frequently amass sufficient numbers that they test their strength against the elves of Tirasel. The plains eventually lead to the Dragonlands, a place considerably more dangerous. Though the plains may make good farmland, the dangers are such that the Brelinds prefer to remain in their highly defensible mountain vale.


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