(Math-RAIN in common; math-ra-EEN-ay in elvish)


Mathraine was a strong elven city in the days of Telenvar, the southeast anchor of the nation. Its traders reached further up the river into the dwarven lands, or moved south across the Serpent Moor to learn more of outside nations. The knowledge they brought back, and that they purchased from the other cities of Telenvar, guided Mathraine’s development.

The city boasted the largest library in Telenvar, a four-winged structure that doubled as a school for the nation’s young elite. One of the nation’s fifteen star-oaks stood here as well, the tree of Ianavath the Lamp. With their learning, the sages of Telenvar delved into magic both high and deep. They created immense golems in the form of sphinxes to watch over the city from west and south.

Mathraine fell when Telenvar did. The sphinxes were left to guard the city, and slowly degraded in purpose. The library is said to still hold many books and records, those too bulky, unimportant or dangerous to be carried along on the exodus.

Brelindian Mathraine

At present the human town of Mathraine sits in the shadow of the elf city of the same name. It is a respectable settlement, but nowhere the size of Lanthorn or Graybanks. Its population is largely self-reliant, trading irregularly with rivermen or visiting autumn elves. A few attempts to settle the elven ruins proper have ended in tragedy, for the sphinx-golems strike out at any intruders who cannot command them otherwise.


The lord of Mathraine is Baroness Scathran, a half-elf. The Baroness is a widow, whose husband was an adventurer like herself.

There is little demand for a full-time inn, but the Highland Shade brewhouse takes lodgers when the town has visitors. Usually they are traders interested in purchasing the house label.

A refitted elven temple now houses shrines to the Seven-and-Twenty. High priest Arovid sees to the spiritual needs of the town, ritual and otherwise.

A few odd characters have made their residence in Mathraine. They include the storyteller Illona, the lamed autumn elf poet Iaverine, and the eccentric dwarf surveyor Madrood.


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