The city of Kingsfall sits across the river from the ruins of the old citadel where the High King of Brelindia once reigned. Formerly a simple keep and collection of markets and houses in Tor Caeldaran’s shadow, the area suffered less when the Living Night pronounced her curse that cast the High King’s seat into shadow. When refugees returned to the area, they built anew on the south bank, calling the new settlement Kingsfall as a reminder.


Bastion Ward: Ravenswatch Keep was the first line of defense across the river from Tor Caeldaran. When the High King fell, it became the focal point for the returning refugees. The keep is now home to the Count of Kingsfall, and the walls of Bastion Ward are packed with the sturdy homes of the wealthy and influential who can afford the most secure property.

Greatbridge: Formerly a lesser market area in the time of Tor Caeldaran, this ward is now the central trade district of Kingsfall. The docks around Highmarch Bridge are the heart of the city’s river trade. As the only way to cross over the river to Broken City without a ferry, the bridge is always guarded.

Kilnbank: This district is heavy with crafters and artisans, especially potters who work the rich clay of the area.

Scholar’s Court: Home to the second incarnation of Mathravin University, this district houses most of the city’s temples, and boasts many statues of former heroes of Brelindia. The templar Order of the Shining Sword helps keep the peace here.

Cavalry Rows: Formerly home to stables and pastures, this district became more urban as Kingsfall grew. It still is home to horse merchants and leatherworkers, and is a common market for hunters who bring game or strange prey to town. The Chapel of the Beast, a temple to Alvoran, has much influence here.

Southpoint: The southernmost defensive point of Kingsfall is Southpoint Tower, a keep maintained by the Count’s right-hand knight. The present master of the tower is Cyr Dacregan. The Southpoint district has a faintly martial flavor to it, and is home to several sword schools and at least two armorers of repute.

Wolfwall: The poorest section in Kingsfall proper, this district is named for the new wall built hastily during the revolt of Countess Acraine Silverjaw. Life is not easy here, but the residents aren’t as desperate as those who live north of the river.

The Broken City: The ruins of fallen Tor Caeldaran occupy a wide hill on the northern shore of the Norfell. Only the desperate or luckless are willing to eke out a living here, and they keep close to running water. It’s widely known that the dead of Tor Caeldaran still walk in the fallen city. Only the boldest or most foolish go deep into the ruins in search of forgotten wealth or lore – especially when the sun is gone.


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