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The valley region of Brelindia was formerly a province of Tirasel, the elven nation to the north. The elves receded from the land after a number of skirmishes with the dwarves of the western mountains. There are rumors of other events, hidden to history, that secretly compelled the retreat.

The next settlers were a number of human clans called the Brelyndy. These humans came through the Wyrm’s Teeth, fleeing cataclysmic danger in Magra.

0 CE – The satrapy of Telenvar is strong in the land.

700s – Elves retreat to Tirasel; dwarves take control of hills

1200s – Brelyndy arrive; dwarves begin their retreat

1750s – Unification of Brelindia under High King

2236 – Fall of Tor Caeldaran; Syrakul’s pronouncement of “No more kings in the land”

2320s – Influx of Lokvan bands over mountains

2720 – Present Day


Nightfall in Brelindia Barastrondo