Graybanks is a large city situated where the Norfell River absorbs the Longrill. The small waterfalls created where these two rivers pour into one blanket much of the city in mist on most days. Graybanks is a well-fortified city; its inner ward occupies a former dwarven fortified city, and its surrounding outer ward is bolstered by a wood-and-stone wall of human make.

Its emblem is a white lantern on a gray field, bordered in black.

The lord of Graybanks is Count Caelish, a heavy-set man of shrewd wit but long-faded martial skill. He concerns himself with politics in his later years, particularly ensuring that the most notable champions of the city remain strong and devoted enough to aid Graybanks against threats, but not quite strong and devoted enough to make a bid for the title of Count until Caelish is fully ready to step down.


Graybanks is home to several sizable temples.

Temple of the Unshrouded Sun: A Northfalls temple to Kaeal.

House of the Vigil: A small, monastic temple to Valysa in Southfalls.

Church of the Archangel Perselia: A temple to Chaneth, located in Southfalls.


Mistwatch: The keep and surrounding area, situated between the falls.

Northfalls: The northeast central district.

Southfalls: The southeast central district.

Crossways: The western central district, sprawling across both sides of the river.

Cutter’s Den: The northern outer district.

Downriver: The western outer district.

The Shades: The southern outer district.

Spear Hills: A portion of lightly settled, rough land between the two rivers east of Mistwatch.

Notable Inns & Taverns

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